Binding strips

Binding strips for manual or mechanical strapping of products resources. Strips are cross-connect buckle belts without buckles or tightened around the product by mechanical or pneumatic strapping. Manufacturing origin of binding strips falls within the EU and its strength and elongation meet even the most demanding customer requirements for packaging with cable ties. Performing the straps provide: stainless steel, steel and galvanized steel.


Using of bindig strips:
- anchoring to any diameters (round, square, polygonal) and arbitrarily large, attaching labels, cables, electricity boxes, cables and overhead lines, the pillars supporting consoles, transport and installation of information signs, billboards and panels, telecommunications and security features
- tying metallurgical products, timber, building + too packages, boxes, pallets

Advantages of the binding strips:
- high strength
- high labor productivity
- suitable for both manual and automatic machines
- cutting unit for connection is made, or steel clamp
- the cheapest way of banding
- thermal stability