Foils, another name for strips or bands (rings) are the output of metallurgical material along the longitudinal and transverse cutting from coils.

These are delivered to the service centers, where they are further divided into narrower or wider foils (strips, bands, rings), which are then supplied and distributed to customers either in rolls or in individual lengths, according to their specific requirements.

We would be very happy to assist you with orders from 1 meter or 1 kilogram and with the so-called wound rings, which are welded endless coil windings in the same production batch.

Application of Foils:
- as material for further processing, or for longitudinal and transverse cutting of straps, coils (bands, rings) or foils for general engineering, automotive, aerospace, chemical industry, electronics and electrical industries, retail space equipment, medical industry, food industry, packaging industry
, construction industry, furniture, solar industry, water industry and for design purposes art + design in various industries, mills and other industries.