Distribution and marking surfaces according to a method of producing

EN DIN ČSN Manufacturing process Look
1U a1 1 Hot-rolled, unannealed, scale on it Scale on it
1C b(IC) 2 Hot-rolled, annealed, scale on it Metallic semi-pure
1E cl(IIa) 2 Hot-rolled, annealed, mechanical descaling Metallically pure
1D c2(IIa) 2 Hot-rolled, annealed, pickled Metallically pure
2H Cold rolled, hardened Metallic luster
2C Cold rolled, annealed, scale on it Metallic semi-pure
2E f(IIIa) Cold rolled, annealed, mechanically descaling Rough, matt
2D h(IIIb) 3 Cold rolled, annealed, pickled Matte
2B n(IIIc) 4 Cold rolled, annealed, pickled, finish rolling Glistening
2R m(IIId) 5 Cold rolled, lightly annealed, finish rolling Bright annealed
2G o(IV) Cut, character processing should be additionally specified Brushed
2J p.q(V) Brushed or polished, to be specified Brush, polished
2P Mirror polished Bright annealed
2M Patterned, decorative Acc. to decor
2W Profile patterned Acc to decor