Coils are input metallurgical products, which serve as a blank for the subsequent longitudinal and transverse cutting for strips or foi0sl (also supplied in rolls, rings) or sheets in the standard format, or the foils or strips (divided transversely and longitudinally) in the formats atypical / non-standard and customized from the side of the end customer.

They are also produced in many grades, but our company focuses and specializes mainly in the area of ​​the metallurgical materials:

- stainless steel,
- aluminium,
- copper,
- electrolytically galvanized
- galvanized,
- hot-dip aluminized,
- zinc-aluminum alloy coated
- and steel.

The main group of successive strips or foils (in rolls) or strips in atypical formats consists of cold and hot rolled coils.

Use of coils:
- as an intermediate product for further processing, respectively, for longitudinal and cross cutting the tape, strip or foil for general engineering, automotive, aerospace, chemical industry, electronics and electrical industries, retail space equipment, medical industry, food industry, packaging industry
, construction industry, furniture, solar industry, water industry and for design purposes art + design in various industries, mills and other industries.